HST-101: History of the United States to the Civil War
HST-102: History of the United States Since the Civil War
HST-113: The Origins of American Society
HST-114: The American Revolution
HST-116: Age of Jackson
HST-118: Civil War and Reconstruction
HST-120: The Progressive Era and the Great War, 1890-1920
HST-121: The Depression and New Deal
HST-123: Postwar America and the Origins of the Cold War
HST-125: Coming Apart?: America in the Sixties
HST-126: Since Yesterday: United States History, 1974-2000
HST-127: America in the Vietnam War
HST-128: The American Jewish Experience
HST-129: History of Sports in America
HST-131: African-American History I
HST-132: African-American History II
HST-135: Latinos(as) in U.S. History
HST-211: American Indian History
HST-212: Women in Colonial and Victorian America
HST-213: Women in Modern America
HST-215: Revolutions in Americans’ Lives
HST-216: The Writing and Ratification of the Constitution
HST-217: American Folk Music/American History
HST-218: Death in America
HST-221: Popular Culture and American History
HST-222: Other Voices: Women in the History of American Ideas
HST-223: Twentieth Century American Intellectual History
HST-224: Introduction to Public History
HST-225: American Environmental History
HST-226: A Novel View of US History
HST-227: Oral History
HST-231: The Civil Rights Movement
HST-310: Special Topics in United States History
HST-311: Frontiers in the Americas
HST-312: History of Women’s Rights in the United States
HST-315: Race and Constitution
HST-322: Slavery and Freedom
HST-323: Race and Revolution
HST-324: Race in American Memory
HST-331: Representing America: United States History in Film
HST-332: Transnational America
HST-333: Hollywood Film
HST-336: The Roosevelt Era
HST-411: Seminar in US History: History of New York City
HST-412: Seminar in US History: The Old South
HST-413: Seminar in US History: American Disasters