Geochemistry, GEO-302

Syllabus (pdf)
Lab report instructions (pdf)
Internet resources
Moon short course notes (pdf)
Probability curves for linear regression (pdf)
Instrument pagesICP-MS at Union College
Ion chromatograph at Union College
Course documentsOddo-Harkins lab data sets (xlsx)
CO2-pH exercise (xlsx)
Monte Carlo exercise (xlsx)
Curve fit exercises (xlsx)
Hans Groot's Kill data (xlsx)
Old Hans Groot's Kill analyses (xlsx)
Useful utilities and informationRock standard concentrations
Reference and normalizing values (xlsx)
Alkalinity calculation (xlsx)
Hardness calculation (xlsx)
Table of isotope abundances (xlsx)
Solar system element abundances (xlsx)
Black body radiation calculator (xlsx)
Why geochemistry is so much fun!
Geochemical discriminant diagrams!
Fill in missing lanthanide (REE) values! (xlsx)
SVG vector graphics files for figures I use in Geochemistry, native Inkscape (zip)