Geochemistry Internet Resources

Stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis

Stellar evolution resources
Stellar evolution animation: pre-made and create your own!
Star in a box animations
Standard candles for estimating galactic distances

Geochemical data sets

Access to several rock composition databases
Union Geology water and rock data sets

Geochemical reference

Table of the Nuclides
EarthRef geochemical reference databases
EarthRef partition coefficient database
Periodic Table – WebElements
Periodic table of elements in the ocean
One-page summaries of very many geochemical topics
Dissolved oxygen in water

Sample prep or procedures

EPA methods for inorganic chemicals in water
Union College ICP-MS prep procedures
Union College ion chromatograph prep procedures

Other geochemistry links

Other geochemistry courses
Several geochemistry web links


Web-based PHREEQ interface for aqueous geochemical modeling
USGS PHREEQC program for various platforms, with manual
USGS geochemical water chem software, all
Assorted petrology-volcanology software

Journals with short geochem articles


Make better figures

Designing good figures for the colorblind and everyone else
Excel graph design tips
Learn to avoid making bad graphs