Leica/LAS image acquisition software

Start by plugging the USB cable from the camera into the camera computer USB port shown. It doesn’t work on some of the other USB ports.

The port is also the camera power supply, so there is no additional power cable.

Make sure the slider plate on the right side of the microscope trinocular slider is in the correct position to take photos. Otherwise, light can’t get to the camera. On the BX41 microscope, the slider should be halfway out, so you can see through the oculars, also.

Log into the computer as .\Guest2

See KH about the password. This image shows the programs, the instruction manual, and where the images go. Make a sub-folder to hold your particular images.

Make sure the camera is set to “PC”, and then turn it on. The light should change to green when it registers with the computer.

The software is reasonably comprehensive, so the learning curve is somewhat steep. Parts are also a bit buggy, so you may have to reboot once in a while. The first step is to remove any thin section, set to plane-polarized light, and set the white balance (see manual, on the computer desktop). Then focus, best done using an enlarged view on the second monitor. Then set exposure and gamma to make blacks black, whites white, and good contrast in between. When ready, press the “acquire image” button in the lower left. Have fun climbing the software learning curve!