Olympus BH2 microscope

ObjectiveOcular field width, mmCamera field width, mm

This microscope is routinely set up for reflected light work, but the parts are also built in to use transmitted light. Extra objectives are scattered about. The objective centering wrenches are in a little plastic cap under the stage. They are slot wrenches, so you can use a screwdriver instead, if you want. For help making microscope adjustments, see here. Do not fiddle with the things with a red X on them.

To use transmitted light only, turn on the transmitted light power and move the T/R selector to the left.

To use reflected light only, turn the reflected light power supply on and move the T/R selector to the right (also allows transmitted light simultaneously but with odd partial polarization effects).

The other side of the same microscope. For most photography you want the brightness all the way up (helps with color rendering). Otherwise, suit yourself.

The reflected light attachment contains its own lamp, polarizer and blue filter, and diaphragms.