Moon Rocks


Over a period of several years I was able to borrow “Lunar Petrographic Thin Section Sets” from NASA, offered as part of their educational outreach program and available on loan from the Lunar Sample Curator. I used the sets in my undergraduate Petrology course, and for evening short courses for school teachers. Among other things, the set includes 12 polished thin sections of lunar igneous rocks, breccias, and soil, and a plastic “sample disk” into which six lunar soil and rock samples are mounted. The photos in these web pages illustrate typical mineralogy and textures in these common lunar rocks and soils.

Introduction to lunar geology
Sample disk: lunar rock and soil samples
Thin sectionsIgneous rocksMare basaltsOlivine basalt
Low-titanium basalt
High-titanium basalt
Orange soil
Highland rocksShocked norite
Fragmental rocksBrecciasFeldspathic breccia
Regolith breccia
Polymict breccia
Impact melt breccia
RegolithHighland regolith
Mare regolith
Reflected light images, all lithologies
See Meyer (2003) for sample details