Physical Geology: Internet Resources

EarthquakesUSGS National Earthquake Hazard Program
World map of recent earthquakes
Seismic wave tutorial and animations
GeochemistryEARTHREF home page, geochemical data
Geochem web links
Geological groupsNational Association of Geoscience Teachers
New York State Museum geological research
New York State Museum
American Geophysical Union
American Geological Institute, education and employment
Geological Society of America
Mineralogical Society of America
United States Geological Survey
MapsSeafloor Topography
Geologic maps of the 50 states
On-line maps (topo, geologic, etc.)
Relief maps of the planets
Google satellite maps and more
Mineralogy and petrologyRock Identification Key: Identify the all the rocks!
Webmineral mineral database
Mindat mineral database
Natural disastersFEMA web site
USGS Geologic Hazards Center
The Natural Hazards Center – Adaptation to Disaster
OceanographyNOAA/National Geophysical Data Center
Ocean currents
Ocean tides
New map of the Gulf of Mexico floor
Paleontology and evolutionTeaching Evolution and the Nature of Science (booklet)
Online museum exhibits
Fossils: Window to the Past
Exploring Life’s Origins (timelines and ideas)
Plate tectonicsUSGS plate tectonics page
Last 540 million years animation (mostly good evidence)
Last 1.3 billion years animation (partly schematic)
Last 4.5 billion years animation (mostly schematic)
Folds and faultsFold and fault animation 1
Fold and fault animation 2
Fold and fault animation 3
Fold and fault animation 4
Fold and fault animation 5
VolcanoesAlaska volcanoes
MTU Volcanoes Page
Weekly volcano activity report
Water flow and floodsUSGS United States stream flow data retrieval page
WeatherWeather Underground U.S. weather radar maps
SUNY at Albany weather page
Weather Underground
U.S. wind field map
World atmosphere-ocean parameters map
National Hurricane Center