Pre-Orientation, Western Interior Field Trip Experience

Union College contact: Kurt Hollocher,

The trip will be led by George Shaw, Kurt Hollocher, and Hailey Mundell, of the Union College Geosciences Department. They have traveled extensively in the region, and know a fair bit about the area.

Applications for this trip are now closed

This trip has more complicated and more time-critical logistics than the other five pre-orientation experiences, so we have finalized those plans.

Trip logistics

At this point, all of the accepted participants should have airline ticket confirmation documents. If not, contact our administrative Chris Angley, Please contact the airline to confirm the tickets in the days before your trip. It would also be wise to confirm them now, just to be sure everything is correct.

We will be scheduling a Zoom meeting in the next few weeks, to introduce ourselves and so you can start to get to know each other. We will probably schedule another, also, to reach those who can’t make the first. The Zoom meetings will be recorded, so you can view them again in case there is something you didn’t catch. Check your e-mail. We have multiple e-mail addresses for some of you, so check both of them from time to time.

DayCampPreliminary Itinerary
1, August 24Great Salt Lake, UTArrive at Salt Lake City airport, visit Great Salt Lake
2, August 25Green River, UTBingham copper mine, travel to Dinosaur National Monument
3, August 26Rock Castle, UTRangely, CO, oil field, Douglas Pass landslide
4, August 27Warner Lake, UTArches National Park (where Roadrunner lives)
5, August 28Goblin Valley, UTCanyonlands National Park, Upheaval Dome, Ding and Dang slot canyons
6, August 29Zion, UTBryce Canyon National Park
7, August 30Toroweap, UTZion and Toroweap hikes
8, August 31Grand Canyon, North Rim, AZGrand Canyon National Park, north rim, hike to Roaring Springs (our biggest hike)
9, September 1Motel, Salt Lake City, UTLake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam, to Motel in Salt Lake City
10, September 2Motel to airport to Union

Trip preparation

Though being an athlete is not necessary for this trip, it’s best if you keep moderately fit. Regular walking, particularly with a day pack loaded with water bottles, is strongly recommended. To give you a reference point, I am 66 years old, regularly walk 4 miles a day, do moderate gardening, and go to the gym for brief periods when I can. If you think you are at least that fit, and like the outdoors enough to put up with the weather, you should do fine.

Here’s a packing list to get you started.