Watergate is one of the events in American history that is given such a bad name, despite most people not knowing what really happened. The actual burglary was not the biggest deal in the world, and the men who broke into the DNC were going to jail for their crimes. What really caused the story to blow up was the media and the cover up. For over two years, Nixon dodged questions referring to the scandal, and eventually fired all of his staff that was related to the scandal. This would eventually lead him to look more guilty, and ultimately lead to his resignation. The reason that the story became so important was because of the media. The entire nation watched as the trial went on, and it made the common man more and more skeptical of Nixon’s story. As a president, you need the support of the nation, and when he did not have it he had no other choice but to resign.

In Mallon’s book, he tells the story of Watergate, but he adds some fictional elements to it. The publishing of this book increased the stigma that is around Watergate, even though the book was published much later. Fictional events like Mrs. Nixon’s affair add to this story of Watergate being a big deal event though personally I do not believe it should have been that big a deal. Nixon was gonna win the election any ways, so this should not have been blown out of proportion the way it was.

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  1. I disagree with your belief that the Watergate scandal was not a big deal. Regardless of the actual crime, the obscene lack of transparency itself should have been reason enough for this to be considered a major crime worthy of impeachment. The lengths that Nixon took in order to hide information to the public was so great that it contributed to a distrust in government that still exists today.

  2. I think you make a good point in where the president needs the support of the people. That being said, although the burglary seemed small, the mere fact that people relate burglary with the president, the leader of the free world, seems troubling. I think in any other occasion the men would be found guilty and that is it, life goes on. But as you mentioned, the fact that Nixon avoided the case and did things that made people wonder about his involvement in the scandal blew things out of proportion. I agree that the breaking in in the Watergate scandal was a bit over exaggerated, but disagree that Watergate is not important. I think the important part about the scandal is the governments will and power to conceal secrets from the people, secrets that break the very laws that the president much abide by.

  3. I agree with your statement Dan. If the people of the modern day received even the slightest of notions that the President was being dishonest with the people, there would be some major problems almost immediately. It is clear that on top of Nixon fooling around in some shady political business, he made some crucial mistakes in trying to cover up his blunders, which was already a poor decision in the first place. Firing his closest confidantes was also probably not the move. Especially with the media constantly nipping at his ankles.

  4. I can see how you say that the scandal was not a big deal but I disagree as well. As we learned from the video it was thought to be a very insignificant situation because they gave the story to one of their newest reporters. But with some digging by the media they were able to uncover the truth that the White House was connected to the burglary.

  5. I liked your point about how everyone views this as such an enormous scandal in American history, yet very few people actually know very much about it, let alone the entire story with the immense amount of both characters and complications. I think our generation esspecially forgets just how long and arduous a process this was for everyone involved, and especially those doing the digging.

    -Alex Murphy

  6. I agree with your point of view on the media. Media can show us a thing the way they want – make a small issue to the gigantic one for the public, or make a big serious issue to the small one that no one will pay attention to. It depends on what side media is.

    They’ve chosen to make it big and Watergate is known I guess almost everywhere around the globe.
    And this media coverage led to the loss of trust to the government in a more extent.

    I personally think if media would not have covered it as a big deal (because wiretapping didn’t actually give them any results) it wouldn’t sound as the greatest scandal in the US politics.

    Alex Gaysenok

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