a)  Acid-Base behavior of kitchen chemicals

b)  Attractive?

c)  Balancing Monkeys

d)  Balancing Nails Challenge

e)  Bridge Building

f)  Building by Touch

g)  Canned Constellations

h)  Cartesian Divers

i)  Center of Gravity – On the Move

j)  Chromatography Mystery Note

k)  Dissolving and reaction of Alka-Seltzer™

l)  Empty the Bottle

m)  Faster than the Eye Can See

n)  From Glue to Glob

o)  Inchworms and Leapin’ Lizards

p)  Invincible Balloon

q)  Iron in Cereal

r)  Jump Through the Paper

s)  Milk Swirl

t)  Scale Model of our Solar System

u)  Soda Bottle Symphony

v)  Starch in Food Products

w)  Surface Tension of Water

y)  Weighting Pennies

z)  WonderWhirler


N.B.  Because of the time and effort involved when preparing material for a FSN, we generally do not set up Acid-Base Behavior, Faster than the Eye Can See, or Starch in Food Products. The scales needed for accuracy in “Weighing Pennies” are most expensive equipment we use and my not be readily available in some venues. The most popular activities have been:  Glue to Glob, Invincible Balloon, Milk Swirl, and WonderWhirler – be sure to include them if at all possible.



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