Schaffer Library will be hosting the AfroFuturism Film Series every Tuesday at 7:30 pm in the PBK Room (second floor) from April 25th – May 30th, 2017.  The schedule of films to be shown are as follows:

May 23rd: The Last Angel of History

The story of the “data thief” (fictional computer hacker), who makes a “faustian” deal to obtain information and secrets about the future. The history of Afrofuturism and Techno music is interwoven throughout this “hybrid documentary.”

Featuring: Edward George (as the “data thief”)
George Clinton (PFunk)
Kodwo Eshun (Sonic Critic)
Goldie (musician, visual artist, DJ)
DJ Spooky (electronic/experimental musician)
Ishmael Reed (poet, essayist, novelist)
Bernard Harris, Jr. (NASA astronaut)
NIchelle Nichols (Star Trek)

May 30th: T.B.D


Film to be determined soon…


April 25th: Attack the Block

“A group of teenagers living in a South London housing project defend their home from an alien invasion.”

IMDb (Sci Fi, Comedy)

Staring: John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)
Franz Dramah (CW’s The Flash)
Jodie Whittaker (One Day, Black Mirror)
Nick Frost (Sean of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Into the Badlands)


May 2nd: Brother From Another Planet

A Mute, black humanoid extraterrestrial crash-lands in Harlem while fleeing Intergalactic bounty hunters.

Staring: Joe Morton (Justice League, The Good Wife, Terminator II Daryl Edwards
( Daredevil, Chicago Justice)
Olga Merediz (The Place Beyond the Pines, Law & Order: SVU)
Renn Woods ( Church, The Movie)

May 9th: AfroFuturist Film Shorts

AfroFuturist Film Shorts:

Afronauts, 2014 Dir. Christina de Middel
Pumzi, 2009 Dir. Wanurui Kahiu
Robots of Brixton, 2011 Dir. Kibwe Tavares
Crumbs, 2015 Dir. Miguel Llanso

This session will include three film shorts (5 mins each) and one longer film (68 mins).
The films originate from Kenya, Ethiopia, UK, South Africa/Zambia.

May 16th: Space is the Place (Sun Ra)

Jazz musician/composer/bandleader Sun Ra, described as a “space-age prophet, shaman-philosopher,” travels to Earth in a spaceship. Set during the rise of the Black Power Movement, Sun Ra (aka, the “alter-destiny”) has returned to Earth to save his Black bothers and sisters from the “Overseer.”

(IMDb (Sci Fi, Drama)
Staring: Sun Ra (as himself)
Raymond Johnson (Pokemon:The First MOVIE, BOURNE IDENTITY)

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