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We have a badging system to help students get the expertise they need in order to use and operate machines in the MakerWeb.

The 3D Printers and the Laser Cutter have Badging Tiers. Students can earn one of the following badges:

  • 3D Printing Operator
  • 3D Printing Expert
  • Laser Cutter Operator
  • Laser Cutter Expert

No one can use any of the equipment without completing the Operator Badge associated with that equipment. This badge covers basic safety, operation, and procedures for the equipment located in UCDS or VA 118.  The Expert Badge is reserved for students demonstrating exception interest and use of the equipment over  several terms. These students are typically part of the MakerCorps, or working closely with a faculty member on special research projects. These badges do not cover 3D printing and laser cutting across the entire campus, only UCDS (Wold 025) and the Digital Arts Classroom (VA 118).

Badging tests are administered by Amanda Ervin, John Rieffel, Fernando Orellana, or designated expert students. The Operator Badges are typically administered in group orientation sessions, and take approximately 30 minutes.