A Perfect Press: Prints by Union Students

Jun 11, 2009

perfectpress_482x600_617x768The prints in this exhibition were created in the Printmaking: Etching class taught by Prof. Sandy Wimer in Spring term of 2009. The prints employ a variety of techniques such as: etching, aquatint, soft-ground, pigmented inkjet, and polymer photogravure printing. Many of the final prints combine several different techniques to create a single image. The qualities of shape and line in each print reflect the technique used to create it – from the subtle gradated forms of aquatint to the precisely incised marks of an etching. In combination, the contrasting strong lines and soft washes are skillfully merged to portray a variety of moods, scenes, and figures.

The artists include: Bui-Duy Thanh Mai, Carolyn Canetti, Megan Chiriani, Gabriela DeAndrade, Rachel Feldman, Brittany Gilbert, Elsa Peruschek, and Hillary Zelson  

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