Drawn to Print

Mar 5, 2009

In the winter of 2010 nine Union students led by Professor Sandra Wimer spent a mini-term in Paris, France engrossed in a studio art course focusing on drawing and printmaking. The students observed and sketched sculpture, architectural elements, and other spaces in and around the Louvre.

The students also spent time working in a printmaking studio, Atelier de l’Orme, on the outskirts of Paris where they transformed their sketches into etchings. Employing a technique called drypoint, the students used a scribe to scratch the surface of a copper plate which was then inked and printed. This exhibition includes a selection of prints created during their stay.

The artists include: Andrew Beattie, Lauren Gifford, Sarah Greenberg, Kate MacEwan, Jacob Pet, Amanda Purner, Hilary Salander, Mia Simone, Scott Traylor  


Thursday, February 10, 2009

4:30 – 5:30 pm

At the Nott Memorial

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