Leonard Everett Fisher, Spheres in Flight

Available for “Adoption” through the Adopt an Artwork Program

Leonard Everett Fisher was born in 1924 in the Bronx, New York, raised in Brooklyn, and is a longtime resident of Westport, Connecticut. Fisher served in WWII with the US Army Corps of Engineers from 1942 to 1946. Following the war, he graduated from Yale University’s School of Art with a BFA in 1949 and an MFA in 1950. His art can be seen in public collections nationwide. The year 2004 marks his 50th year in publishing during which he has illustrated some 260 books for young readers, 90 of which he authored. In addition he has designed United States postage stamps including “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and eight bicentennial commemoratives. This painting was a gift to Union College from Fisher and his wife Margery in honor of their children, James A. Fisher, class of 1981, and daughter-in-law, Pamela S. Viglielmo, class of 1982.

The frame, which is original to the painting and painted by the artist to be incorporated into the composition, is relatively lightweight compared to the weight of the painting. Because of this, the frame flexes when the painting is handled and becomes unstable. Therefore, the frame must be reinforced to prevent this flexing. Additionally, an area of the painting requires retouching, while grime and metal soaps, or carboxylates which have accumulated over time, should be removed from its surface. The total treatment cost for this painting is approximately $2,273.

Leonard Everett Fisher, Spheres in Flight, 1970, acrylic on gessoed board, gift of Margery and Leonard Everett Fisher, Union College Permanent Collection, © Leonard Everett Fisher