The Illuminated Pixel

Nov 9, 2009

illuminated pixel_800x531_1024x680

The artwork in this exhibition represents the final projects from the courses Intro to Digital Art and 3D Computer Modeling. Though they differ in approach they share a common thread, using the pixel as the primary method to generate images. Intro to Digital Art focuses on the pixel like the painter does, with pigment on canvas. The canvas is replaced by liquid crystal displays and the pigment by pixels created, processed, and printed. 3D Computer Modeling approaches the pixel from the point of view of the sculptor, making marks on form – with Cartesian space substituting for the form and raw geometry as the marks. The end result of using modern technologies is the same as a classical approach – a shared desire to make something unique, something meaningful, something beautiful; something we see and experience as a work of art.

– Fernando Orellana, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts.

Artists Include:
Pamela April, Lori Cassorla, Phil Cohn, Elizabeth Culp, Rachel Feldman, Vishnu Gollakota, Rachel Guralnick, Davis Knox, Aaron Levine, Hallie Maybrey, Jiri Matousek, Ben McIntosh, Liang Li, Dave Sayles, Julia Vu, Nancy Wilk, Stacy Yoo

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