Student Docent Program

Inaugurated in the fall of 2013, the Student Docent Program offers a unique work experience in a collegiate art gallery, imparting knowledge to program participants about the visual arts through involvement with the production and interpretation of exhibitions.

Each student docent acts as a liaison between the gallery and its visitors, providing information and insight into the exhibitions on view in the gallery. Through our docent’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic interaction with these audiences, each docent becomes a facilitator of learning, building on visitor interest, in an effort to create lasting audiences for the visual arts at Union College and beyond.


Kaitlynn Blow, 2020

Ashley Harding, 2022

Adenike Hickson, 2022

Macy Keegan, 2021

Maya Newell, 2019

Virali Shah, 2019

Allison Wachtfogel, 2021

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