Student Docent Program

Inaugurated in the fall of 2013, the Student Docent Program offers a unique work experience in a collegiate art gallery. Each student docent acts as a liaison between the gallery and its visitors, providing information and insight into the exhibitions on view in the gallery. Through our docent’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic interaction with these audiences, each docent becomes a facilitator of learning, building on visitor interest, in an effort to create lasting audiences for the visual arts at Union College and beyond.

Student Docent Talks

The Mandeville Gallery has further developed the Student Docent Program to give student docents a platform to offer insights about their interpretations of each exhibition, as it relates to their own research, interests, and personal experiences, as students of Union College. For each new exhibition, docents attend a tour with either the exhibiting artist(s) or with the gallery director. 

Docents then individually construct discussions around particular artworks, that develop into short, 10-minute presentations that encourage audience participation and contemplation. These Student Docent Talks collectively highlight artworks, artists, and themes from the current exhibition and are free and open to the public.

Athanasia Kytoudi

Athanasia Kytoudi

Class of 2023

Hello! My name is Athanasia Kytoudi and I am an international student form Greece. I am a senior majoring in Studio Fine Arts and minoring in Spanish. I started working for the UCPC and the Mandeville Gallery during the summer of 2022 where I got to experience the professional and administrative side of exhibitions and collections, learn about art handling, correct archival materials, and understand the different perspectives of different types of artworks. Continuing to work for the Mandeville Gallery as a student docent truly excites me and I cannot wait for all the new qualities I will learn and come to acquire.