Whats on Display? (2014-2015 archive)

display_F14_2For 2014-2015, the departmental research display case showcased statistical research at Union College. This research involves Union student senior theses, and Professor Roger Hoerl’s related research, in such diverse areas of statistics as Big Data analytics, modeling the impact of gender-based violence on HIV/AIDS transmission, attacking large, complex, unstructured problems, and comparing linear and non-linear models in physical experiments involving mixture variables that are constrained to sum to 100%.


display_F14_3Union math majors have the option of conducting their senior theses in statistical areas. One of the emerging trends in statistics, and in fact in science in general, is Big Data analytics. This involves trying to add structure, and draw actionable conclusions from, the massive data sets that are becoming common in both scientific and business circles. Previous students have also focused on issues of particular interest to them, such as evaluating HIV/AIDS progression models, and modifying them to account for the impact of gender-based violence, or researching diverse disciplines to determine an underlying theory of how researchers attack large, complex, unstructured problems.

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