How do I … ?

… fulfill the quantitative mathematical reasoning (QMR) requirement?

The QMR requirement may be fulfilled by completing any approved QMR course offered the college.  These include any course within the mathematics department (except MTH-100), and several courses offered by the computer science and philosophy departments.

… get help with calculus?

The Calculus Help Center offers free drop-in help with calculus most nights of the week during the term.  The mathematics department also maintains a list of private tutors who offer their services for a fee.  For more information, please contact our administrative assistant.  Union’s Office of Academic Achievement offers programs to help students develop the skills necessary to succeed at math. Through academic coaching or working with a peer mentor, they assist with learning how to study effectively, take better notes, manage time, and prepare for exams.

… submit a petition?

Petitions may be submitted during the normal petition period on the Webadvising site.

… get on the waitlist for a closed class?

If you would like to be on the waitlist for a closed or by-permission class in mathematics, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name, ID number, class year and major(s)
  • The mathematics course you would like to take and all sections that would fit within your schedule; include your schedule that shows course number & section, and days/times they meet
  • The reason that you want the course
  • Are you in a Special Curricular Program (Scholar, NSF-STEM, AOP, LIM, etc.)?
  • Any class conflicts with the course? Any classes that you’re willing/able to drop in order to take the course?
  • Any special circumstances?

… change sections of a course?

Per college policy, students may only change sections of a course if their schedule has a conflict.

… declare a mathematics major/minor?

Except for the ID (interdepartmental) major, students should download and complete the relevant form on the advising website.  Signatures of your advisor and the major/minor department chair are necessary.  The form should be turned in to the registrar’s office.

… declare an ID mathematics major?

For students planning to declare an ID major with mathematics as a component, please download and complete the relevant form below. If you have any questions, please email the math department chair.

… fulfill the senior writing requirement?

In the spring term (typically during the first or second week), all junior math majors on record will attend an informational session on the senior writing experience, which can be fulfilled with a senior thesis or the senior writing seminar. Students will transmit their preferences to the department chair, who will then make assignments. It is strongly recommended that students make contact with their thesis or seminar advisor before the end of the spring term.

… get a transfer course approved or pre-approved?

Please email the transfer request coordinator at, with the following information:

  • Institution at which you plan to take the course
  • Course name and number at the proposed institution
  • List of topics/syllabus for the proposed course (you may wish to email the instructor of the proposed course to obtain this information)

Note that mathematics courses taken away from Union (e.g., during the summer or during study abroad) require pre-approval from the department.

… get advice about pursuing actuarial work?

Contact Prof. Hoerl.

… get advice about pursuing graduate school?

Contact Prof. Hatley or Prof. Todd.

… find information about an REU (research experience for undergraduates)?

Contact Prof. Hatley.

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