Mathematics Program

Math majors and minors at Union take foundational courses such as calculus, geometry, and probability, as well as upper division courses including real variable theory and abstract algebra. Many topics courses are offered, including cryptology, number theory, discrete mathematics, game theory, knot theory, and methods of applied mathematics.

Prof. Kim Plofker studies ancient Indian mathematics, written in Sanskrit.

Students work closely with faculty in a variety of settings and course formats, and math majors engage in thesis work under the supervision of a faculty member.

Mathematics graduates find that their reasoning, problem-solving and communications skills serve them well after Union in careers as diverse as accounting, actuarial science, business, economics, finance, and engineering. Many pursue degrees in education, law, and medicine, and others have been successful in obtaining the Ph.D. degree in math at top graduate schools.

Prof. Tønnesen-Friedman teaching Math 199: Introduction to Logic and Set Theory.
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