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Fall Winter Spring
 Sept 09 2016  Jan 06 2017  Mar 31 2017
 Sept 16 2016  Jan 13 2017  Apr 07 2017
 Sept 23 2016  Jan 20 2017  Apr 14 2017
 Sept 30 2016  Jan 27 2017  Apr 21 2017
 Oct 07 2016  Feb 03 2017  Apr 28 2017
 Oct 14 2016  Feb 10 2017  May 05 2017
 Oct 21 2016  Feb 17 2017  May 12 2017
 Oct 28 2016  Feb 24 2017  May 19 2017
 Nov 04 2016  Mar 03 2017  May 26 2017
 Nov 11 2016  Mar 10 2017  June 02 2017



Fall Winter Spring
Sep112015 Jan082016 Apr012016
Sep182015 Jan152016 Apr082016
Sep252015 Jan222016 Apr152016
Oct022015 Jan292016 Apr222016
Oct092015 Feb052016 Apr292016
Oct162015 Feb122016 May062016
Oct232015 Feb192016 May132016
Oct302015 Feb262016 May202016
Nov062015 Mar112016 May272016
Nov132015 June032016



Fall Winter Spring
Sep122014 Jan092015 Apr032015
Sep192014 Jan162015 Apr102015
Sep262014 Jan232015 Apr172015
Oct032014 Jan302015 Apr242015
Oct102014 Feb062015 May012015
Oct172014 Feb132015 May072015
Oct242014 Feb202015 May152015
Oct312014 Feb272015 May222015
Nov072014 Mar062015 May292015
Mar132015 June052015



Fall Winter Spring
Sep202013 Jan102014 Apr042014
Sep272013 Apr112014
Oct042013 Jan242014 Apr182014
Oct112013 Jan312014 Apr252014
Oct182013 Feb072014 May022014
Oct252013 Feb142014 May082014
Nov012013 Feb212014 May162014
Nov082013 Feb282014 May232014
Nov152013 Mar072014 May302014



Fall Winter Spring
Sep142012 Jan112013 Apr0552013
Sep212012 Jan182013 Apr122013
Sep282012 Jan282013 Apr192013
Oct052012 Feb012013 Apr262013
Oct122012 Feb082013 May032013
Oct192012 Feb152013 May102013
Oct262012 Feb222013 May172013
Nov022012 Mar012013 May242013
Nov092012 Mar082013 May312013



Fall Winter Spring
Sep162011 Jan062012 Mar302012
Sep232011 Jan132012 Apr062012
Sep302011 Jan202012 Apr132012
Oct072011 Jan272012 Apr202012
Oct142011 Feb032012 Apr272012
Oct212011 Feb102012 May042012
Oct282011 Feb172012 May102012
Nov042011 Feb242012 May182012
Nov112011 Mar022012 May252012
Mar092012 June012012



Fall Winter Spring
Sep102010 Jan072011 Apr012011
Sep172010 Jan142011 Apr082011
Sep242010 Jan212011 Apr152011
Oct012010 Jan282011 Apr222011
Oct082010 Feb042011 Apr292011
Oct152010 Feb112011 May062011
Oct222010 Feb182011 May122011
Oct292010 Feb252011 May202011
Nov102010 Mar082011 May272011



Fall Winter Spring
Sep112009 Jan082010 April022010
Sep182009 Jan152010 Apr0992010
Sep252009 Jan222010 Apr1692010
Oct022009 Jan292010 Apr2392010
Oct092009 Feb052010 Apr302010
Oct162009 Feb122010 May062010
Oct232009 Feb192010 May142010
Oct302009 Feb262010 May212010
Nov132009 Mar052010 May282010
Mar122010 Jun042010



Fall Winter Spring
Sep162008 Jan092009 Apr032009
Sep192008 Jan162009 Apr152009
Sep262008 Jan232009 Apr242009
Oct032008 Jan302009 Apr302009
Oct102008 Feb062009 May062009
Oct172008 Feb132009 May132009
Oct242008 Feb202009 May202009
Oct312008 Feb272009 May272009
Nov142008 Mar092009 Jun032009



Fall Winter Spring
Sep142007 Jan112008 Apr042008
Sep212007 Jan182008 Apr112008
Oct012007 Jan252008 Apr182008
Oct082007 Feb012008 Apr252008
Oct152007 Feb082008 May022008
Oct222007 Feb152008 May092008
Oct292007 Feb222008 May162008
Nov052007 Feb292008 May232008
Nov122007 Mar072008 May302008



Fall Winter Spring
Sep152006 Jan122007 Apr012007
Sep222006 Jan192007 Apr062007
Sep292006 Jan262007 Apr132007
Oct062006 Feb022007 Apr202007
Oct132006 Feb092007 Apr272007
Oct202006 Feb162007 May042007
Oct272006 Feb232007 May112007
Nov032006 Mar022007 May182007
Nov102006 Mar092007 May252007
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