Major and Minor Requirements for Mathematics and Statistics

Requirements for the Mathematics Major


Requirements for an Interdepartmental Major with Mathematics

For students planning to propose an ID major with mathematics as component, please view the instructions here, and please view the ID major requirements here.


Requirements for Honors

Candidates for honors in mathematics or in any interdisciplinary program of which mathematics is a part, must fulfill the college-wide criteria for honors. In addition, they must have a grade point average of at least 3.5 in mathematics courses numbered 199 and above, take at least two non-thesis mathematics courses at the 400-level, and either complete a two-term honors thesis in mathematics with a grade of A or A-, or complete a one-term honors thesis in mathematics with a grade of A or A- and take an additional 400-level mathematics course.


Requirements for the Minor in Mathematics

The minor in mathematics requires five courses in the department (MTH or STA) numbered 115 or higher, including MTH 199 and at least two courses having MTH 199 as a prerequisite.


Requirements for the Minor in Statistics

Please view the statistics minor requirements here.

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