Senior Writing Experience

Most math majors will satisfy the college’s senior writing requirement by taking the senior writing seminar, MTH 487. For 2017-2018, there will be two offerings, one in the fall and one in the winter, both limited to eight students. 

The fall offering of MTH 487 will be led by Professor Johnson and focused around abstract algebra, deepening the understanding of material studied in MTH 332 as a grounding for students’ individual projects. Accordingly, MTH 332 is a prerequisite. 

The winter offering will be led by Professor Friedman and focused around linear algebra, and will use MTH 340 as its springboard. Accordingly, MTH 340 is a prerequisite. 

There will also be two slots for students to fulfill the WS requirement in the fall by writing a thesis in applied mathematics with Professor Wang. The prerequisite is MTH 130 or MTH 234, and having taken MTH 238 would be a plus. 

Students planning to apply for honors in mathematics must satisfy the WS requirement with an honors thesis.

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