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We will continue meeting during common hour on Thursdays in Bailey 207, with light lunch served at 12:30pm in Bailey 204, unless otherwise noted.

Fall term 2018


Cutting Up Space: Hilbert’s Third Problem and the Dehn Invariant

Jonathan Campbell, Vanderbilt University

Friday, Sept 21st, 1:00pm, Bailey 207

Give two polyhedra of equal volume, can you cut up one into a finite number of pieces, and reassemble it into the other? This was a problem posed by Hilbert in a famous address. I’ll go through the two dimensional analogue of this problem, and present Dehn’s beautiful solution to Hilbert’s question. Time permitting, I’ll give some hint of how this easily stated problem shows up in my own research.

Past talks


Counting sudokus

Professor Brenda Johnson, Union College

Thursday, Sept 13th, 1:00pm, Bailey 207

Sudoku is a popular puzzle involving a 9×9 grid in which one has to arrange the numbers 1 through 9 so that each row, column, and block contains all nine numbers.  There are many interesting mathematical questions involving sudoku puzzles.  In this talk, we’ll focus on a couple of  questions related to counting sudokus.  After discussing how many possible solutions there are for 9×9 and 4×4 sudokus, we’ll look at ways in which one can generate new sudokus from old ones, and whether or not  these techniques can be used to generate all sudokus of a given size.

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