Why Study Language?

Russell Berman, President of Modern Language Association, and Special to CNN, on “Why language study should be a part of your college experience”:
“One of the best choices you can make when planning your college years is the decision to learn a foreign language, whatever your major. Learning another language will open the door to another culture and enhance your career opportunities in the increasingly global economy. Having strong skills in another language … will set you apart from other applicants and show a potential employer that you have demonstrated long-term discipline in acquiring specialized knowledge.”


Modern Languages and Literatures

The Department of Modern Languages & Literatures invites you to explore the academic possibilities that will expand your professional, intellectual, and personal horizons. We offer majors, ID majors, and/or minors in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, RussianSpanish and selected courses in Arabic, Hebrew, Italian and Portuguese. Our faculty is fully committed to provide students with thorough knowledge of the language, the literatures, and cultures linked to our programs. We promote linguistic ability, cultural competency, critical thinking, creativity, social awareness, and an understanding of cultural diversity.

About Us

Union College pioneered the study of modern languages 200 years ago, when other American colleges and universities offered only the ancient languages of Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. Today, Union continues in this tradition, recognizing the essential importance of the past, but acutely aware that because students live in an increasingly interdependent world, their need for a global education, including more than one culture and language, is greater than ever.