The Russian program at Union College offers students an exciting journey through the language, culture, literature and history of the vast and wondrous country that is Russia. Our Russian language courses provide students with the tools to understand and interact with native speakers of Russian and to function in a Russian-language environment, while integrating cultural elements, such as Russian songs and poetry with area studies, geography and history. Students can pursue a Major in Russia and Eastern European Studies and a Minor in Russian Language. Our Modern Literatures in Translation (MLT) courses allow students to explore other countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union; taught in English, these courses focus on literature, cultural studies and film.  Students’ course work is complimented by excursions to the Russian section of New York City and to the Russian monastery in Jordanville, NY, our weekly Russian Table, and the numerous activities of our Russian and East European Culture Club. Join us to hear a Russian pop-folk band perform, see some great films, participate in a discussion on nuclear power and culture in the Soviet Union and Russia, celebrate Old New Year Russian style, listen to a poetry reading, to a world renowned pianist and dine with our guests, or come hang out with us at Russian Table for some tasty Russian salads and desserts!

Study abroad is an integral part of our academic program. We offer a mini-term to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novgorod and starting in the spring term of 2014, a full term abroad to Irkutsk, Siberia will be offered every other year. Interdisciplinary in its focus, the Irkutsk term combines Russian language study with the study of environmental concerns in Siberia. Please contact Professor Bidoshi for further details on any aspect of the Russian program at Union College.

Photos from the New York State Russian Language Competition from April 2011 are posted on Flickr: