Career Opportunities

Knowledge of Russian has become a valuable asset, particularly when combined with business-related courses. Many American firms have offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok, and the volume of American trade with Russia and Russian-speaking countries has grown rapidly. As a result, American businesses are showing increased interest in graduates with Russian knowledge, offering possible employment, both in the United Statesand abroad.

Other careers open to students will a sound knowledge of Russian include work as Russian consultants (generally employed by the federal government), high school teachers, librarians, translators, and interpreters.

Those students who do not attend graduate school generally enter such fields as business, especially foreign trade and the travel industry, or government service. Students are encouraged to take courses in business, economics, political science, etc., to prepare themselves for such careers. The knowledge of Russian enables them to enter these fields at a more international level.

Many students who have advanced degrees in Russian (Master’s or Doctoral Degrees) eventually enter the teaching profession either at the high school or university level. An advanced degree also opens up high-level employment in the fields such as international law or various high-powered government positions in the State Department, U.S. Information Agency, National Security Agency, or the Central Intelligence Agency. The common notion that language majors can do nothing but teach is a misconception in a world that is becoming more internationally oriented.