The Spanish faculty at Union College welcomes you to an exceptionally exciting journey through Spain, Latin America, and the US Latino communities. We are a dynamic and diverse group of faculty members whose research interests infuse and impassion our classroom teaching. We engage students in lively discussions, consistent development of written linguistic skills, deep critical questioning and creative thinking, and a broadening awareness and understanding of cultural diversity. Inside and outside our courses, we further knowledge of the Spanish language, the literatures, cultures, and contemporary life and politics of Spanish, Hispanic and US Latino communities. Our academic program encompasses highly dynamic and varied selections of course offerings, terms abroad, extracurricular activities, and interdisciplinary initiatives.

The Spanish section offers all levels of Spanish language learning in addition to an exciting array of upper-level courses in Spanish and in English (what we call MLT’s). Our junior year courses (300-level) are divided into four thematic clusters that include “Studies in Spanish Peninsular Literatures and Cultures,” “Studies in Latin American Literatures and Cultures ,” “Studies in Latina/o Literatures and Cultures,” Studies in Contemporary Communications,” and “Studies in Comparative Perspectives.” Within these thematic clusters, students will be able to take classes that engage with the diversity of Spanish, Hispanic, and Latino languages, literatures, and cultures. They will have the opportunity to look into the exciting times and lives of fiction writers, dramatists, poets, artists and film directors, and read a large variety of texts through the lens of politics, ethnicity, class, space, gender, sexuality, and so on.

Through our 300-level courses, students at Union College also have the unique opportunity to take classes on Spanish for a variety of professions, including Medicine, Economics, and Business, to take classes that emphasize cross-cultural conversations and linguistics, and to explore the use and meaning of digital and social media in Spanish and Hispanic culture through i-Pads, remixing programs, video games, music videos, reality television programs, and so on.

Our senior-level classes (the 400-level classes) span a host of incredibly interesting subjects through which students can freely “cross borders,” “dress up the canon,” “trash and transgress”or move “adrift” through studies in film, fiction, theatre, poetry, digital media, visual art, reality television, documentaries, biographies, blogs, newspaper articles, and so much more. These classes are based on faculty members’ personal research projects and interests and provide cutting-edge opportunities for students studying Spanish for any future profession.

The Spanish and Hispanic Studies program also offers an exciting host of courses taught in English (MLT’s, which stands for “Modern Literature in Translation”). In these courses, students will get to learn, even hike the Spanish trail to Santiago de Compostela, they will learn about dictators, bullfighters, and flamenco, watch and analyze films from Mexico and Brazil, engage in deep conversation about the political interactions between the North and the South, examine New York Puerto Rican and Dominican Identities, examine Generation X in the Hispanic world and beyond, and even talk about chicana “Sex Goddesses.”