American Isn’t the Biggest Problem

In this article, it is discussed how many different countries, other than America, are found to be incredible dangerous when it comes to littering and keep trash off of the streets and oceans. When people tend to think of Global Warming and littering issues, they tend to only think of what they can do in their own country, and for the most part, this seems to be talked about in America.

I think an important part of this process, if we as humans are really trying to make a difference on our environment, would be to educate other countries about the dangerous of littering as well. As shown in the chart taken from this article, other countries such as China and Indonesia are struggling immensely when it comes to trash issues.

I would argue that we are not actually making an impact on the environment as a whole if we do not take a step back and make sure we are educating the whole world, not just our country. 

3 thoughts on “American Isn’t the Biggest Problem

  1. I completely agree! I think it is really important for the whole world to be educated about littering. At Union we emphasize the importance of recycling and composting waste, this was also a common theme in my town. Your article states that only 9% of the world’s plastic is recycled, I think it is important that we all make it our mission to recycle even more than we do now. Additionally, this mission should be translated to other countries as well.

  2. I think this data is incredibly interesting! I think that here at Union we are decently aware of our waste, with so many compost practices implemented on campus. However, we could still be much more environmentally friendly with our waste, or even cut down on our waste. Since we are probably on the more conscious end of the scale, it is scary to think about how much of the world really isn’t aware of the waste issue or even how to cut down on waste. I think you highlighted a very important issue for sustainability.

  3. Great Post. This sheds light on a global level of the issue littering causes. It is interesting because around the world, different countries have different issues. But, this is clearly a shared issue that needs a global solution. I think that there should be a global environmental agency from the UN that mandates change in all countries so that the health of the earth can get better. Also, a correlation I see in many of the countries with the highest level of mismanaged plastic waste are developing. I assume that because these countries are developing they prioritize other things before this. Hopefully we can aid those countries as this is clearly a worthy issue that needs to be addressed.

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