Green Grant: Solar Tables

In order to make Union more sustainable, I propose that Union install solar tables behind Reamer Campus Center. These tables would have electrical outputs to charge phones or laptops and are perfect for the students that are sick of studying inside on a nice day. Creating these solar tables may also provide data to prove to Union how much money could be saved by installing solar panels on some of the buildings that receive constant sunlight.

5 thoughts on “Green Grant: Solar Tables

  1. Solar panels on campus would absolutely be utilized by every single person on campus especially during the warmer months. These panels could definitely save our school money and potentially lead a charge towards outdoor classes as well as improving solar panel usage. This is a very clever idea that could potentially spread throughout campus rather than just at Reamer.

  2. Elly great idea. I think that many of unions students enjoy being outside and studying with outlets round. I am interested in the data that union could find from this project. Also, I think that solar panels are long overdue on the buildings here!

  3. I love this idea! I think this is a simple way to integrate sustainability into the everyday life of Union College and could model to others how easy it is to grow green.

  4. This is a really cool idea! I had never heard of solar tables previously and had only thought of solar in the style of roof top installation. But this is a really cool idea and could allow students to be directly around a style of renewable energy on campus. Being able to eat over a solar panel i think would get students involved in our sustainability work and get them to think more about other ways it is used around campus.

  5. I think this is a great idea Elly. I think solar tables would definitely get a lot of use, as the tables outside Reamer already do, and that students would be very excited about the tables if they are implemented. My only concern is that they are very expensive to install.

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