Ditching plasticware

Plastic is integrated thoroughly in Union College’s dining services. Plasticware, straws, and lids for paper coffee cups are offered in all dining halls and Wold Starbucks and it’s improbable to think that all of these different plastics are recycled. There is plasticware in my off-campus house which never gets recycled when used and the coffee cups from union dining services are countlessly tossed into the regular trash instead of recycling. Moreover, plastic is terribly unhealthy considering the chemicals necessary to produce such objects. I propose that all plasticware is banned on Union’s campus and I’m including the straws and the lids because while they are small in size, they are hugely detrimental to the environment given their frequent usage. Upper dining hall has a washing station for silverware, why not connect that station to a potential one in Dutch? I am rarely at skellar, so I’m not positive on the utensils that are offered, but plasticware should be outlawed there as well as West. Getting rid of plastic utensils and other miscellaneous plastic objects should be a Union priority if the school is serious about environmental sustainability.

3 thoughts on “Ditching plasticware

  1. I agree, there is no way that we are properly recycling all of the plastic here at Union. Oftentimes, people do not realize the effects of small items such as straws, but if everyone has the same mindset that their use of them will not make a difference, we will continue to cause harm on the environment. If we could implement your plan our school would be much more sustainable.

  2. This is a great point as a nation we plentiful resources we often forget about the effects small changes can have to the community. This was a great post with supporting evidence that if we are to change our current living terms we could help the earth.

  3. Students here are definitely not responsible about recycling. Plasticware is a huge contributor to the waste produced in this country and Union could do a much better job at regulating our plastic consumption.

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