Green Fee Proposal

It’s been discussed a bit before, but I think a solid idea to lower plastic waste on campus would be by giving all freshman a metal or plastic refillable water bottle, whilst getting rid of plastic cups and purchasable plastic bottles in reamer.  This plan would only work if we got rid of plastics in reamer, as it would force students to use the water bottles that are given to them.  Union already has refill stations in place around campus, so the only real cost would be the purchasing of the bottles for incoming freshmen.  The campus would also save money, as the cost of purchasing plastic water bottles and cups for reamer would be taken out.  Also, by having students use their own bottles, the mindset of not wasting plastic would also be instilled in the campus community and would hopefully be remembered for the rest of their lives.

3 thoughts on “Green Fee Proposal

  1. I think this is a really good idea with a lot of long term benefits. The bookstore sells so many plastic water bottles everyday and most of those plastic water bottles probably are not even recycled. I also like that this idea would be carried with the students even after Union. This is something that can be easily brought onto our campus.

  2. This is an interesting take on the circulated idea of giving freshman reusable water bottles. I don’t think anyone has really discussed completely dis-banning and getting rid of all plastic cups and water bottles sold in Reamer or anywhere else on campus. Just as you said this should be an incentive for the college to spend the money on reusable water bottles and save quite a good chunk of money by not purchasing those single use plastic bottles sold on campus.

  3. I think this is a great idea to not only reduce the amount of plastic that is used/wasted, but to also save money. Buying reusable water bottles for the incoming freshmen is a worthy investment, also installing more filtered water stations.

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