Global Awareness

Global awareness is defined as the knowledge surrounding certain concepts that impact the world: socially, politically, environmentally, and economically. The world leaders created 17 goals that they want to achieve by 2030. Each of these 17 goals are interrelated and can be thought about in terms of global awareness.

When considering the 17 goals, many of them are related to combating climate change. One of their goals is to seek out more affordable and clean energy. We also looked at this issue in class because there are so many forms of sustainable energy that I never considered myself. Such as wave energy which has the potential to produce a lot of energy on the coasts. The leaders define the goal relying on more affordable and clean energy types as “ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all.” In order for this goal to be met, we can all make specific efforts such as being mindful of the energy we are putting out. In 2017, only 11.3% of our energy came from renewable sources. So it is clear that we rely on fossil fuels for majority of our energy. We need to support more sustainable methods. We can turn off the lights when we are not using them, we can buy rechargeable electronics, but most importantly we can stay informed and do all we can to support these efforts being made.

4 thoughts on “Global Awareness

  1. I really liked how you included and described the importance of the 17 goals when it comes to conquering the consequences of climate change. I also like how you included a definition to provide a baseline of your article.

  2. I love your definition of global awareness. I also found your stats to be very interesting and relevant. I think it is crazy and upsetting that we rely so heavily on fossil fuels, and hope to read a different stat in the near future. By taking classes like this one, many changemakers are being educated and inspired so hopefully we will see a difference!

  3. I like how you’ve been able to tackle these big issues with individual actions. Public policy is so important to those big decisions in regards to climate change, but those small acts make the world of difference (pun intended). If everyone in our class ate like a vegetarian for 2 out of the 3 meals a day for a week they would significantly help the planet, and that kind of independent agency empowers the people and keeps the climate movement moving.

  4. You have a really fantastic definition of global awareness that is really concise and easy to follow while having an incredibly large impact. I like the fact you included small things that are easily doable, especially as college students, and I agree that a major part of supporting renewable energy is to stay informed about the new technologies and advancements happening within that field.

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