Reusable Energy at a higher level

Throughout this term, we have learned how to apply mathematics with sustainability. This course has taught us how to make predictions, understand variability in graphs and conversions. Week 6, we learned about different kinds of reusable energy. This is where I will be expanding my thoughts and global engagement. According to New York Times writer, Nadja Popovich, the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication pulled research from the American population on where they stand on reusable energy. One surprising statistic found is that in almost every county of the United States, Americans support they aspect of having at least 20% of their energy as reusable (that being wind, solar, hydro). In addition, 68% of Americans argue that there needs to be an increase in carbon taxes for drilling companies. Finally, because reusable energy is a growing industry, 85% Americans said they would invest funding on research for reusable energy.

For week 6, we were asked to describe what the reusable energy source was. This week, after reading this article should have a positive shift in how people view reusable energy. Although we already have 2 dozens states implementing a policy requiring some time of implementation of reusable energy, many of them fall short of reaching the goal. We need to take this data and spread awareness, communicate with others about the importance of reusable energy by increasing research and policies.

3 thoughts on “Reusable Energy at a higher level

  1. This was a very informative blog post. I really enjoyed reading it. I think you bring up some really good points about what it means to be globally engaged, and your pictures are really informative!

  2. I think it is so interesting that even though the majority of the American people would like to see change in public policy surrounding climate change, and that want is not addressed by all of our politicians. It still baffles me that climate change itself is a politicized bipartisan issue in America when really democracy surfaces more of a unanimity of thought amongst US citizens then we might have known.

  3. For my post I also discussed the importance of renewable energy. We are so reliant on fossil fuels, yet as we have learned about throughout the term, there are so many different forms of renewable energy that we should use. This can be something that we can easily implement like you said, there just needs to be more support! I think you brought up some really good points in your post.

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