Posted on Jan 1, 1995

Memorial Chapel during renovation

As the external scaffolding came down from the Nott Memorial, it went up around Memorial Chapel as work began on a wide range of improvements.

The first projects came at the top of the building. The slate roof was repaired, the brick and stucco walls were
repainted, and the cupola, with its clock and carillon, underwent a complete renovation.

Still ahead are such projects as repairing the discoloration and damage to the ceiling from roof leaks, adding a new sound system and better lighting, and improving the heating, ventilation, and electrical systems.

Helping with the Memorial Chapel improvements were a number of gifts, including:

  • $100,018 from Sallie Hume, a former trustee. 
  • $75,000 from Kenneth J. Whalen '49, also a former trustee. 
  • $25,000 from Aline Burgess, widow of Roger N. Burgess '38. 
  • $20,000 from William H. Milton 111 '50. 
  • Dr. James W. Haviland '32 has established a $85,625 charitable gift annuity with the College. The annutiy provides income to Dr. Haviland for his life. Upon his death, the remainder will go into an endowment that will provide funds for the continuing maintenance and upkeep of the chapel.

The chapel will celebrate its seventieth birthday next October. Designed by McKim, Mead & White, it was dedicated as a memorial to the Union College graduates who lost their lives in World War I.