Posted on Jul 1, 1996

Nearly $1.4 million has been received from estates and trusts. Included are:

$181,000 from the estates of three Schenectady sisters Gertrude Naylon, Alice Naylon, and Anne Brown, all daughters of Judge Daniel Naylon, an alumnus;

Union is the remainderman of a charitable trust established by Dwane W. Crichton '33, which came to the College after Mrs. Crichton's death;

Bequests from the estates of Ferdinand Helm '37 and Harold D. Walker;

Nicholas Milano '44 included the College in his estate plans, to be used to purchase books for Schaffer Library.

Recent gifts to support the expansion of Schaffer Library include $10,000 each from James Reisman '61, John J. Castellani '72, and David J. Breazzano '78.

Gifts to benefit scholarships have come from Albert H. Cordon, a friend ($25,000), Edwin Scantlebury '41 ($12,637), and former Dean of Engineering Lawrence Hollander ($10,000).

Major pledges include $250,000 from Doug Seholm '57 to endow Jackson's Garden and $30,000 from Clair C. Smith '44 to assist the renovation of Memorial Chapel.