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Two Walsh scholarships established

Posted on Jul 1, 1996

Bruce '60 and Margo Walsh, of Longmont, Colo., have established the Maurice C. Walsh Memorial Scholarship and the Ruth E. Walsh Memorial Scholarship in memory of Bruce's parents.

The scholarships are being endowed separately with appreciated stock gifts of approximately $200,000 each to benefit engineering or computer systems engineering students.

“My goal is to commemorate
my parents and pay back Union for the scholarship I received as a student,” Walsh said. “Margo and I value the education I received at Union and we hope these scholarships provide the same opportunity for tomorrow's students, particularly through the engineering program.”

Walsh, an electrical engineering major, participated in the Student Council, Delta Phi fraternity, and the varsity golf and basketball teams. He is a principal architect and a co-founder of McDATA Corp., of Broomfield, Colo. The company was founded in 1982 to produce communication controllers; more recently, it produces fiber directors.

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New Fitz Hugh Ludlow Members

Posted on Jul 1, 1996

Jan. 1-March 31, 1996

Established during the College's Bicentennial year, the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Society of the Terrace Council encourages recent alumni to demonstrate exceptional leadership and allegiance for Union through support of the Annual Fund and through involvement in the life of the College.

Alumni who have yet to celebrate their tenth Reunion can join the society by making an annual gift of $100 times the
number of years since their graduation. New members include:

  • Ruth Wallberg '92, of New York; 
  • Allison Wallberg '92, New York; 
  • Deborah Rosmarin '86, New York.

If you are interested in the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Society, please contact Perry Goff Buroker at (518) 388-6142 or on e-mail at fhl@union.edu.

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Entrepreneurs for Union

Posted on Jul 1, 1996

The entrepreneurial spirit of Eliphalet Nott lives on in alumni and friends.

Members of the new Eliphalet Nott Society agree to contribute to the College at least two percent of their equity in an enterprise in which they are the founder, principal, leader, or investor.

So far, five alumni have made commitments to the society. The newest member is David Blakelock '83, president of Streamline, Inc., of Westwood, Mass. At a meeting of the society in April, he presented a letter of intent to contribute three percent of his equity in Streamline when he liquidates his interest in the company.

Others who have contributed to the Eliphalet Nott Society include William E. Mooar '67,
society president; Clair Smith '44; Stephen L. Zuckerman '62, M.D.; and the late Arthur M. Vash '51.

In addition to financial support, society members offer advice to the College and to other alumni on services or programs from which entrepreneurs or prospective entrepreneurs might benefit. The next meeting will be held in the fall in New York City.

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First Villella Fellowship winners selected

Posted on Jul 1, 1996

Melissa Weiner '95, Edward Willella and Carrie Madsen '99

Melissa Weiner '95 and Carrie Madsen '99 have won Edward Villella Fellowships for internships with the Miami City Ballet, of which Villella is founder and artistic director.

Villella was on campus in early May leading a lecture-performance with members of the Miami City Ballet.

The fellowship, established through the generosity of Charles Lothridge '44, supports a student during the summer following the competition.

Weiner, who is pursuing her master's in teaching, will spend nearly three weeks working in various areas of the company's operation. Madsen, a frequent participant in dance programs, was selected for next year's internship.

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Gifts, grants, and bequests

Posted on Jul 1, 1996

Nearly $1.4 million has been received from estates and trusts. Included are:

$181,000 from the estates of three Schenectady sisters Gertrude Naylon, Alice Naylon, and Anne Brown, all daughters of Judge Daniel Naylon, an alumnus;

Union is the remainderman of a charitable trust established by Dwane W. Crichton '33, which came to the College after Mrs. Crichton's death;

Bequests from the estates of Ferdinand Helm '37 and Harold D. Walker;

Nicholas Milano '44 included the College in his estate plans, to be used to purchase books for Schaffer Library.

Recent gifts to support the expansion of Schaffer Library include $10,000 each from James Reisman '61, John J. Castellani '72, and David J. Breazzano '78.

Gifts to benefit scholarships have come from Albert H. Cordon, a friend ($25,000), Edwin Scantlebury '41 ($12,637), and former Dean of Engineering Lawrence Hollander ($10,000).

Major pledges include $250,000 from Doug Seholm '57 to endow Jackson's Garden and $30,000 from Clair C. Smith '44 to assist the renovation of Memorial Chapel.

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