Posted on Jan 24, 1997

Union College was ranked 11th of U.S. colleges in the number of students who studied abroad during 1994-95, according to a study by the Institute for International Education (IIE), which was published in the Dec. 6 edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Union had 241 students — about 12 percent of the enrollment — study abroad during the 1994-95 academic year, the period of the study by the IIE. The College sent 280 of its
students — 14 percent — on terms abroad during the 1995-96 year, according to William Thomas, director of international programs.

St. Olaf's College topped the list with 452 students, Colgate second with 325, Colby
third with 301. Bates College, ranked tenth ahead of Union, had 258 students. The IIE
ranked institutions which grant bachelor degrees.

An accompanying article in The Chronicle of Higher Education reported that the
84,400 U.S. students who studied abroad in 1994-95 represented a 10.6 percent increase
over the previous year. The total was almost twice that of nine years earlier.