Posted on Sep 26, 1997

Jay Goldberg '98 isn't sure whether David Letterman ever saw his sign: “Make Schenectady the Home Office.”

But he gave it his best shot from the third row of the Ed Sullivan
Theater on Monday when he asked a page to bring the sign to the host just seconds before
the taping began.

Ultimately, it was George Clooney and Bill Cosby who got on the national
airwaves, not Goldberg or the other 89 members of the Union contingent who were bused down
by producers of Late Night with David Letterman. But the Union students had fun
trying to get on-air. Dozens of students sported “Top Ten Lists” and signs. Jon
Zandman '99 brought a bagful of garnet “U's” and liberally distributed
them to members of the crew, who dutifully pasted them to their shirts.

Late Night, a favorite on American campuses, invited Union
students as part of a promotion to bring to the studio students from a dozen regional
colleges and universities over the next 12 weeks, according to Rohit Sang, a producer who
said he decided to invite Union because he recalled it from his college search as having
an exceptional seven-year medical program.

The students traveled by bus and were treated to a reception, all
compliments of the Late Show, and got back to Union in time to see the broadcast at
11:35 p.m.