Posted on Jan 30, 1998

January 14, 1998

Meeting #13

Members present: Professors L. Stanhope (chair), S. Gmelch, S.
Greenberg, S. Leavitt, B. MacDonald, F. Milillo, J. Schmee; Students S. Carrier, J. Leahy,
A. Markowski

Ex Officio: L. Cool, Dean of the Faculty, D. Hannay, Acting Dean of
Engineering, B. Lewis, Assoc. Dean, Undergrad. Educ., C. Sorum, Dean of Arts &

1. Linda Stanhope introduced our new student member, Seth Carrier.

2. The minutes of January 7, 1998 were approved.

3. Seth Greenberg congratulated Linda Cool on her remarkable alacrity in
dealing with the perennial parking problem.

4. The charge to the subcouncil on the allocation of new tenure lines
continued to be discussed. Two driving forces in the decision are staffing and curricular
needs. The findings of the subcouncil will be useful for the following processes: the
allocation of lines, the reallocation of lines, and investigating the possible need for
more faculty members in the Arts & Sciences.

The subcouncil will also help clarify the need for the ongoing
accumulation of information.

Linda Stanhope will work on rewriting the charge.

5. The memo to faculty concerning the Union Scholars program for the
Spring term of sophomore year was approved.

6. The meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Christie Sorum