Posted on May 29, 1998

May 6, 1998

1. The minutes of May 1, 1998 were revised and approved.

2. The Psychology Department is still discussing the report of the
external reviewers. Linda Stanhope reported that the decisions on curricular change will
not be completed in time to report this spring.

3. Seth Greenberg suggested that the AAC discuss the possibility of
awarding pass/fail in the major research experiences.

4. The members discussed a memo for the faculty on the calendar. Linda
Cool will review the memo with the President.

May 13, 1998

1. The minutes of May 6, 1998 were approved.

2. Seth Greenberg introduced a proposal to assign non-class academic
experiences, e.g. independent studies, internships, and practica, a pass/fail grade in a
student's major area. Various concerns were expressed including whether the grading
of P/F courses should change to satisfactory, unsatisfactory, fail in order to accommodate
a “barely pass,” whether such a change would discourage students from
undertaking some non-class academic experiences, and whether the quality of the experience
would be harmed (for example, would students take the care they currently do with the
papers that are assigned to accompany some internships?). Brad Lewis suggested that
departments be authorized to approve the granting of credit for these experiences rather
than the AAC making a general policy for all departments. Discussion will continue.

It was noticed that, contrary to college policy as stated in the
register, final grade sheets sent to professors now indicate when a student is taking a
course pass/fail. Dean Lewis will seek to rectify this situation.