Posted on Oct 30, 1998

October 19, 1998

1. The minutes of October 12, 1998 were approved.

2. Danette Slevinski discussed student concerns about the
elimination of the dance program. Linda Cool explained that the half-time position was
funded by an alumnus' gift, that the gift is not being continued, and that the dance
program would return to the level at which it existed prior to the gift. Linda Stanhope
reported that Hilary Tann wished to continue the half-time dance position.

3. The calendar discussion resumed. The question of
whether or not the AAC should bring forward a semester proposal was debated further. There
was a feeling on the part of some members that the AAC was committed to bring forward a
proposal for a vote. There is great concern among a number of faculty that the five-course
teaching load will not be implemented, and that this would undermine the benefits of a
semester system.