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Trick-or-Treaters Take to the Dorms

Posted on Oct 30, 1998

Young trick-or-treaters may want to bring
an extra bag if they go to some of the Union College dorms this Halloween. They could get
a lot of candy.

Davidson and Webster residence halls (near the corner of
Union Street and Seward Place at the southwest corner of the campus) will be hosting
trick-or-treaters Saturday from 4 to 6:30 p.m.

Treats will be free to all children from both the Union
College and local communities, said Monica Greenman, head RA of Davidson. Resident
assistants will serve as escorts. Parents are welcome to accompany their children.

Rooms offering treats will be designated with special
signs on their doors.

The event, organized by resident assistants, is supported
by the College's Office of Residence Life.

For more information, call residence life at ext. 6117.

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Four Students Are Watson Finalists

Posted on Oct 30, 1998

Four students from the College have been chosen as
finalists for the Thomas J. Watson Travelling Fellowships, which provide full support for
a year of study abroad.

They are Brian Goldberg, “Loving Nature to Death:
Ecotourism in New Zealand, Kenya and Peru;” Kristopher Lovelett, “A Study on
International Power Industries;” Bernice Polanco, “Wedding Rituals in the
Dominican Republic, Spain and Peru;” and Scott Stedman, “Linking Past and
Present Through a Screenplay Based on the Life of Walter Benjamin.”

Twelve students submitted proposals for the Watson. The
campus Watson committee members are Teresa Meade, acting chair; Seyfollah Maleki, Brad
Jordon, Andrew Wolfe, and Karen Brison.

Union's four finalists will go to final interviews
with the Watson Foundation. Selection is in the spring.

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Broadway Bound For Less

Posted on Oct 30, 1998

Members of the College community can receive
substantial discounts for Broadway shows in New York City, with some tickets that usually
sell for $70 available for as little as $40.

Discount coupons offered through November may be used for
shows including Cats, Miss Saigon, Sound of Music, Les Miserables, Titanic and the
New York City Opera.

Some restrictions and conditions apply.

For more information, call Human Resources at ext. 6108.

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Calendar of Events

Posted on Oct 30, 1998

Friday, Oct. 30, through Monday,
Nov. 2 – 8 and 10 p.m.

Reamer Auditorium.
Mafia presented by Film Committee.

Friday, Oct. 30, 8 p.m.
Reamer Campus Center Auditorium.
Performance by Union College Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Prof. Tom Olsen,
featuring guest percussionist Ray Kaczynski.

Through Saturday, Oct. 31, and Nov. 4 through 7, 8 p.m.
Metamorphosis by Steven Berkoff and directed by Prof. William A. Finlay. For
information, call ext. 6545.

Through Nov. 27.
Arts Center Atrium.
Exhibit of “Recent Sculpture: Indoors and Out” by Jonathan Kirk. Opening
reception Tuesday, Nov. 3, at 4:30 to 6 p.m. There will be a walkthrough gallery
talk the same day at 1:30 p.m.

Through Dec. 20.
Mandeville Gallery, Nott Memorial.
“Martin Benjamin: Photographs 1970 to 1998”

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Union-Schenectady Initiative Unveiled

Posted on Oct 30, 1998

The College announced Tuesday the Union-Schenectady (US) Initiative, a broad-based plan to
revitalize the neighborhood west of campus. The program includes a number of incentives
for both homeowners and College employees, including scholarships, special mortgage
programs, community outreach programs, and the establishment of a neighborhood

President Roger Hull made the announcement at 702 Huron
St. before representatives from city and state government, private business and community

“I feel that we all – individuals and
institutions alike – have a responsibility to contribute to the communities in which
we live and operate,” President Hull said. “In fulfilling our responsibility, we
are committing, among other things, our greatest asset – a first-rate education
– to the revitalization of this area of Schenectady. We believe that others —
neighborhood families, the City of Schenectady, Schenectady Municipal Housing Agency,
local banks, and St. Anthony's Church – will join with us, and we are eager to
begin work on a true partnership for the neighborhood.

The US Initiative will also serve to enhance the
College's competitive position by expanding housing options for students, faculty and
staff and by beautifying the area surrounding the west border of campus. The area is
defined by Seward Place, Union Street, and Nott Street.

Schenectady Mayor Albert Jurczynski said the plan
“could potentially be the best thing that has happened in Schenectady in
decades.” City Council President Gary McCarthy also expressed his support. “We
can take a neighborhood that has a little dust on it, is a little past its peak … and
we can restore it,” he said.

Key elements of the Union-Schenectady Initiative

Scholarships covering the full cost of tuition for
eligible homeowners:
Union College will make available scholarship funds of up to $1
million a year to cover the full cost of tuition to children of qualified homeowners.
Children who meet Union's admissions requirements and whose primary residence is
within the US Initiative area will be entitled to apply for four years of scholarships.
The tuition benefit will be limited to two children per family.

Acquisition of property: Union College has
acquired 20 properties in the US Initiative area. These properties, following extensive
renovations, will be owned and maintained by the College for use as student housing and
faculty residences. All Union College properties will be maintained in accordance with US
Neighborhood Association standards, and they will serve as a catalyst for further
revitalization and development of the area.

The ultimate use of each property – student housing,
faculty or staff rental – will be determined in a planning process that will include
discussions with neighbors and businesses in the area. The process of acquisition and
renovation is expected to take 12 to 18 months, with an estimated cost of $3 to $4

Home ownership: Union College employees (faculty,
administrators, staff) whose primary residence is within the US Initiative area will be
entitled to access the Union College Community Stabilization First Mortgage Program. The
program features a number of incentives designed to encourage home ownership in the area.
These include no down payment, no closing costs, exterior façade improvement funds of up
to $10,000 to be added to the mortgage amount and amortized over the life of the mortgage,
payroll deduction, and a fixed interest rate two percent below local banks' no-points
first mortgage rate.

Community Outreach: To create a center for the
exchange of ideas, suggestions and community-focused activity, the US Initiative includes
the development of the Office of Neighborhood Outreach. Staffed by Union students, staff
and volunteers from the community, the Office will enhance the educational experience of
children in the area by establishing a homework center and tutoring program, and by
sponsoring South Avenue Park neighborhood weekend programs.

Additionally, the Office will focus its efforts on
partnering with the not-for-profit community in enriching the neighborhood. Possible
activities include organizing neighborhood cleanup projects and community workshops on
legal issues for home ownership.

Safety and esthetics: The College's plans call
for the relocation of Union's Security Office to an address yet-to-be identified on
Seward Place. Also, working with the Outreach Office and area neighbors, the College hopes
to establish a neighborhood watch program. As part of the beautification effort, the US
Initiative includes the use of banners, signage and historic lighting in the area, as well
as the installation of cobblestone pavers at designated street corners and intersections
to reduce the speed of area traffic.

“I am convinced that the outcome of these efforts
will truly result in a win-win for Union and Schenectady. Our interests are inextricably
linked – when Union benefits so does the City, and when the City benefits so does
Union,” President Hull noted. “This initiative comes at a time when the
competition among quality liberal arts colleges has never been greater. If we fail to act
and ignore the issues around us, we are hurting our – and the City's – future.”

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