Posted on Feb 26, 1999

George Schiller, claims/payroll coordinator in human resources, has authored an
article on the safety program he helped start in the housekeeping department in the
newsletter of the New York State College and University Risk Management Group. For each
month without an accident, four members of each unit are eligible for a $25 gift

David Cossey, executive director of OCS, was quoted in a recent article titled
“Liberal-Arts Colleges Worry About Computer Support and Staffing” in the Chronicle
of Higher Education.
The top issue, identified by 41 of the 58 members of the
Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges, was support for campus computing. The problem, he
said, was “increased expectations” by students and faculty at a time when most
colleges “don't have enough people” to respond.

Paul Rieschick, director of administration and senior development officer in
College Relations, was re-elected to his fifth two-year term as treasurer for Council for
the Advancement of Secondary Education (CASE) District II at the annual district assembly
in Hershey, Penn.

Robert Sharlet, Chauncey Winters Professor of Political Science, has published
“Legal Transplants and Political Mutations: The Reception of Constitutional Law in
Russia and the Newly Independent States” in East European Constitutional Review
(Vol. 7, No. 4, Fall 1998). The journal also appears in Russian translation in Moscow. The
article focuses on the differential attractions of American and European constitutional
norms, and how, in particular, Western doctrines of separation of powers have fared in the
Russian and other post-Soviet constitutions. In December, he also delivered a guest
lecture to the Russian Legal Reform Seminar at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton