Posted on Apr 30, 1999

John Miller, theater technical director, did the lighting design
for the play, The Shadow Box, which runs for three weekends through May 9 at
Siena's Foy Theater.

Amanda Leamon, associate professor of French, presented a paper titled
“Resurrecting Fantomas: The Genius of Evil in Cendrars' Moravagine,
at the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference in Lexington, Ky.

Martha Huggins, Roger Thayer Stone Professor of Sociology, delivered lectures on
her book, Political Policing: the United States and Latin America (Duke 1998) in
the University of San Diego's TransBorder Institute's spring lecture series and
in the University of California at San Diego's Latin American and Pacific
Study's Center spring lecture series. She was also a guest on a one-hour Pacifica
Radio interview and call-in program about Political Policing. In Brazil, her book
was the subect of two published interviews, one in Época, a national news weekly,
the other in the Brazilian Communist Party's Princípios. Her work on Tortured
a book in progress, was featured at the University of Chicago
conference on torture. It was also presented at a Siena College Peace Studies conference.

A.G. Davis Philip, research professor of physics, has published De favoriete
'opname' van …
(My favorite picture …) in the March issue of the Dutch
astronomy journal Zenit. He gave lectures at the University of Mexico in Mexico
City and to a consortium of institutions in Jackson, Miss., under the Shapley Visiting
Lecture Program, which he directs. He also recently had a week of observation time at the
Vatican Observatory on Mt. Graham, Ariz. Philip also is the editor of The Third
Conference on Faint Blue Stars,
the proceedings of a conference he chaired at Union in
1996. He is author of five papers in the volume. Co-editors are Rex Saffer of Villanova
University, and James Leibert of the University of Arizona.