Posted on May 28, 1999

It's sort of a good news-bad news thing.

First the bad news (for some): Campus Safety has a new system that will assist with
swift and efficient enforcement of parking violations. The Automated Issuance Management
System (AIMS) uses a palmtop computer, operated by an officer in the field who writes the
tickets. At the end of the shift, that information is uploaded – quickly and
accurately – to the computer system.

Now the good news (for all): the officer writing the tickets will be driving a
“samaritan” van, complete with jumper cables, air compressor and a variety of
tools. So, you can get a hand with things like jumping your car's dead battery or
filling up a low tire (they won't change tires) when you're in a hurry to get
home for dinner.

Or, you can get a lesson in parking rules and some help in starting your car all
at the same time.