Posted on Jun 20, 2002

Jim Underwood, who has been teaching political science for nearly four decades, has had a number of his former students' children in class. But the Strosbergs are special.

Prof. Jim Underwood, left, with Nathanial Strosberg '02 and father, Martin '68







Nathaniel Strosberg of Union's Class of 2002, is the son of Marty Strosberg, a 1968 Union grad and now a faculty colleague of Underwood's. The elder Strosberg teaches in the College's Graduate Management Institute.

Father and son were both political
science majors who did their senior theses with Underwood, the father on the
Capital District Planning Commission, the son on the effects of public policy
on mass transportation systems.

And it appears entirely likely that the younger Strosberg could end up following his dad and their mentor into academics. (“I wouldn't be surprised,” Prof. Strosberg says.)

Nathaniel has had scholarship
offers at several universities with programs in public administration and urban planning, but he plans to defer graduate school for a year to take courses at Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City.

(Nathaniel's grandfather, Dr.
Irving Strosberg, a family practitioner in Troy, was a 1931 Union grad.)