Posted on Oct 31, 2003

The “12 Windows” international
film series presents Stolen Children
on Thursday, Oct. 30, at 7 p.m. in F. W. Olin Center

This “hauntingly spare” film from Italy
with performances that are “flawlessly subtle” discovers the “eloquence hidden
within the commonplace,” according to one reviewer.

Louisa Matthew, professor of art
history, will moderate the discussion.

The film series is sponsored by
the Partnership for Global Education with Union and Hobart
and William
Smith Colleges.

 Hal Hinson of The
Washington Post
writes: “Working according to the mostly neglected
principles of 'neo-realist' filmmakers such as Vittorio De Sica and Roberto
Rossellini, the director Gianni Amelio uses nonprofessional actors and natural
settings — train stations, public beaches and fast-food joints — to tell this
story of an 11-year-old girl named Rosetta (Valentina Scalici) and her
9-year-old brother, Luciano (Giuseppe Ieracitano). After their mother is jailed
for forcing Rosetta to become a prostitute, the children are ordered to accompany
their escort, a sad-eyed policeman named Antonio (Enrico Lo Verso), to their
new foster home.”