Posted on Feb 24, 2006

The Phantom of the Opera, which is nearing the end of its highly successful month-long run at Proctor's Theatre, was a hit in part because of the earnest dedication by some members of the Union College community.

Proctor's Theatre

Students Rob Larimore '07, Carly Hirschberg '06, Nina Kalinkos '06, Evan Reid '06 and Lauren Wetherell '08, and  Lloyd Waiwaiole, costumer at the Yulman Theatre, have been making four-hour work calls to Proctor's wardrobe department each night.

Their duties entail shining shoes, brushing hats, wiping out costumes and ironing shirts. Some students are in charge of costume changes during the show, which means running up and down stairs, volleying between dressing rooms and taking different costume pieces to and from their assigned actor.

“Being the primary dresser of Jim Weitzer, the actor who plays Roule, has been massively tiring, but also wonderful,” said Reid. “Though I'd had no prior dressing experience, the people at Proctor's have been extremely helpful and have treated us like professionals every step of the way.”

Andrew Lloyd Weber's international award-winning phenomenon, produced by Harold Prince, has woven its magical spell over standing room audiences in more than 100 cities nationwide. Phantom is a timeless story of seduction and despair and the one show The London Times calls “God's gift to the musical theatre.”

The show wraps up its Schenectady run Sunday (Feb. 26) night. All performances are sold out.